Enjoy the Year-Round Adventures at the South Rim

Most Grand Canyon trips are headed for the south rim where breathtaking views of the canyon are at its best. The grand canyon south rim is often the most crowded where lodges, hotels, and resorts try to accommodate millions of visitors flocking to experience a grand canyon adventure year-round especially in summer.

The Grand Canyon south rim can be reached from Flagstaff along US 180 or AZ 64 if taking the west route. Both routes will lead to the famous Coconino Plateau, where visitors will pass along a typical mountain landscape of pine forests and vast meadows – not providing any hint as to the great gorge that lie on the horizon. Two miles from the south park is the busy town of Tusayan where tourists can have access to an airport, hotels, and shops.

South Rim Activities

The Kaibab National Forest is nestled near the Grand Canyon south rim where tourists can opt to go on basic camping for free. Backpackers can go on hiking down the 9.7-mile trail to the Phantom Ranch before proceeding to the Colorado River. Mule ride packages are less strenuous and include a stopover at the Phantom Ranch for a hearty meal and to cool down.

Other popular activities on the south rim are bus and jeep tours that take you to one of your dream places on the Grand Canyon, including spectacular scenery of the majestic formations. Horseback riding, biking, and riding pretty much spell exciting adventures over one of the world’s masterpieces. For those who can afford it, an air tour is an unforgettable dream-come-true and really worth the price.

South Rim Transportation

Shuttle bus services are available for free (yeah, really!) on four routes on the grand canyon south rim: Village route, Hermits Rest route, Canyon View/Mather Point route, and the Kaibab Trail route. Tickets are not required. Visitors can simply wait at the designated bus stops. Buses arrive every ten minutes.

There are seasonal road closures on the south rim where only shuttle buses are allowed through from March 1 to November 30. The Yaki Point/South Kaibab and Hermit Road are closed to private vehicles in these months except for vehicles given accessibility permits.

Wherever you want to go or plan to do on the Grand Canyon south rim, ensure reservations are made months ahead, which could usually mean 13 months ahead. After all, you’re one among the millions of dreaming of a Grand Canyon trip.