Alaska Wilderness Adventures

Explore Glacier Bay National Park by sea kayak, visit the Pack Creek Bear Refuge of Tongass National Forest. Paddle the remote and pristine Icy Bay and Hubbard Glacier within Wrangell St. Elias National Park and kayak with humpback whales at Pt. Adolphus with Alaska’s premier guiding company.

Granite Fjords Sea Kayaking

Our favorite sea kayaking trip explores one of the most stunning fjords in the Tongass National Forest. We kayak between 3,000-foot high granite cliffs streaked with cascading waterfalls and flanked by lush virgin forests.

Glacier Bay National Park Sea Kayaking

This adventure leads you through the entire length of Glacier Bay National Park’s tranquil East Arm, including several days spent intimately exploring famous Muir Inlet. It is our most comprehensive paddling trip. Kayaking along scenic shores, we will fully witness the changes that time and glaciation have created.

Glacier Bay Adventure

Explore the popular West Arm of Glacier Bay, famous for its stunning scenery and active glaciers. Our trip begins with a cruise up the southern half of the bay.

Marine Mammal Discovery and Moby’s Paradise

Have you ever seen a 30-ton humpback whale leaping clear out of the water, or listened to its blows as you fall asleep at night? It’s a thrill you’ll never forget! This sea kayak trip offers superlative opportunities for viewing whales, seals, and sea lions.

Bears of Admiralty Island

Visit the lush rainforest wilderness of Admiralty Island in the Tongass National Forest. This national monument wilderness is known in Tlingit as Kootznawoo or “Fortress of the Bears.”

Glacial Giants – Sea Kayaking in Russell Fjord Wilderness

Journey with us to the most spectacular site in all of Alaska, where the world’s highest coastal mountain range frames Alaska’s largest and most active glacier. Seldom visited by “outsiders”, the Hubbard Glacier will astound you with its constant drama as gigantic ice chunks thunder into the sea from its 300-foot-high, 6-mile-wide face.

Whales & Ice – Sea Kayaking Combination

This eight-day adventure combines two Alaskan peak experiences: kayaking the famed waters of the Inside Passage rich in marine life and exploring the spectacular scenery of Glacier Bay National Park.

Grizzlies and Glaciers combination adventure

We begin our seven-day wilderness sea kayaking and camping adventure with three days on Admiralty Island, a lush rainforest paradise known for its concentration of brown (grizzly) bears. At the Pack Creek Bear Sanctuary we have an incredible opportunity to see bears fishing for salmon.

The Ultimate Adventure

The combination of areas included in the nine-day “Ultimate” provides a diversity of experiences not encountered on any other single trip. Explore the pristine shores of Glacier Bay, kayaking among glaciers and mountainous fjords. Kayak with humpback whales, sea lions, otters, and seals at their favorite feeding grounds.